Wooden Nickels Hits Episode 4

Waiting for the movers to get everything out of our old flat, drive it over to the new house and make sure it gets there in one piece (while writing this a box just broke in the staircase whith a nice crash – hope nothing important!) is keeping me stuck indoors so I’ll use the time wisely and get some updates online.

A relatively new web series from Berlin, Germany byMark Nickels has been floating around on the net lately so after hitting episode number 4, I have taken some time out to check out the “Wooden Nickels” and of course all four episodes are right here. And as I’ve been seeing the main Europeskate page slow down due to the many videos, I’ll be putting more on their own page and just introducing them on the homepage – speeds everything up and we’re all happy. So enjoy these splendid video clips!

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