WORD Skateboards picks up Mack McKelton!

Mack McKelton on WORD Skateboards

Mr. Unbreakable is how Mack McKelton is called by some especially for his rail skills (33 step handrail just this year in Bremen, Germany!) and now he has joined the ranks of WORD skateboards out of Liechtenstein. He’s been without a board sponsor for the last two months but he decided to go for the company which actually makes their own boards in Europe. We checked out the history behind WORD skateboards for you…

Mack McKelton himself

WORD Skateboards was founded 1998 by the brothers Ralph, Marco and Stephan Danuser. The idea behind it was to use their father’s joinery to make their own skateboards. The whole infrastructure was available but they first needed to acquire several special machines and get to know how to use them correctly. Makes sense but us buyers don’t really spend much time thinking how to create a skate deck! 8 years later WORD Skateboards has been able to collect valuable information and experience to bring out quality boards.
And if you need some boards for your own company, just ask WORD – they’ll create your boards as well!

We wish Mack all the best with his new team and because we like to support smaller companies as well, check out their handmade boards, especially the new Morbid series (check the picture below!)

Mack McKelton’s website

WORD Skateboards Morbid Series

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