Work continues…

And yet again Europeskate has another look and feel to it, a bit too clean at the moment and little graphical work, but the most important thing for my was to get a system together which can grow in the future, include the visitors opinions and feddback, allow for community growth and most of all, keep it simple for me to keep including new skate spots.

And this has finally come together as I have been able to figure out how to implement Google Maps with the posting feature in WordPress. This is just the solution I have been searching for. So now I have to go back and take the 27 parks I had, integrate them here and start letting everything else grow.

During thistime I will try and develop the best possible solution for extending the information about specific cities in Europe and hopefully offer the users of this site an easy-to-use search system for finding articles.

But I’m off for today to the final game of St. Pauli’s football team before the winter break…it’s getting cold, it’s raining, it’s Friday night…perfect way to start the weekend!

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