World Championship of Skateboarding, Rotterdam 2007 – the results!

WSR 2007 Rotterdam

A couple of happy looking guys in the picture above and understandably so. Rune Glifberg is the vert skater yet again who took the win at the WSR 2007 in Rotterdam, going from 5th in the semi-finals to 1st place all round . A tough field to beat and he goes home with $7500 in his pockets. He’s on a roll at the moment, I think this is his 4th contest win in a row (tell me if I’m wrong on this!).

Here are the results:

1 Rune Glifberg, 33 (US)
2 Sandro Dias (BRA)
3 Neal Hendrix, 33 (US)
4 Renton Millar, 32 (AUS)
5 Terence Bougdour, 29 (FRA)
6 Jurgen Horrwarth, 31 (GER)
7 Trevor Ward, 29 (AUS)
8 Sam Beckett, 15 (UK)
9 Nicky Guerrero, 39 (DK)
10 Sascha Muller, 29, (GER)

And the line-up of skaters for the street event was amazing to say the least and at the end of the day, Arto Saari came back to win the contest and cash in on $20000.

Here are the results for the WSR street contest:

01. Arto Saari, 25 (USA)
02. Ondrej Leskoviansky, (SLO)
03. Dominik Dietrich, 22 (AT)
04. Axel Crysberghs, 12 (BE)
05. David Gonzalez, 16 (COL)
06. Chris Pfanner, 23 (SPA)
07. David Loy, 10 (USA)
08. Anthony Schultz, 18 (USA)
09. Freddy Austbo, 19 (NO)
10. Tim Zom, 19 (NL)

Did you see the age of some of the skaters??? 10 years old and 7th place?!!! Respect.

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