What is wrong with the title Toyota Athlete Of The Year

It’s nothing new…big companies have been flocking to skateboarding in the past few years, putting a lot of money into it and definitely making a lot more people seeing what we do. It has it’s positive and negative sides which I could dicuss with you you for hours and basically I would be repeating the arguments, pros and cons which have already been stated by many.

But when I saw the title to a video this morning which was “Curren Caples wins 2013 Toyota Athlete of The Year” this really made me shake my head once again and I know why I keep avoiding big contests and events around skateboarding. I mean, nothing against Curren Caples, he’s been skating since he was a little kid, he’s one the most talented skaters out there and I’m happy for him to be pulling some money just because he skates great.

But couldn’t these damn marketing suits at Toyota at the very least name him the Toyota Skateboarder Of The Year??? It may be just a word and some might say “chill out man, skateboarders are athletes in some sense” and then we get back to the discussion about why don’t we just go completely mainstream, have more statistics brought into judging at contests, or even better, contests only by invite and EVERYBODY has to buy a ticket to get in and watch a skater skate. Ummm, no, not with me guys.

Enjoy the video but think for a minute about which events and products you support and why you are skateboarding…hope it’s still for the fun of it. And just to repeat myself, Curren does rip this skate course up!

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