X Games 14 big names, big slams, big everything

X Games 14

First off I would like to thank Peter Meyers from Freecaster.tv for letting me – now us – know about the live webcasts they do of the X Games 14 event, watch them here and the high quality repeats. Again, a little late from my side but still good to watch.

Unluckily due to television rights and all we can not embed the high quality broadcasting from them but there are several other sources around the net to put in right here on Europeskate. Just watching the whole event is a bit strange. It is so big, so media-pushed in a huge arena that it is had to understand, especially over in good old Europe as events in this size just have not happened yet over here. But whatever one’s opinion is, it is still mad to watch these skaters launch down the mega-ramp and take some of those massive slams – just check out Danny Way who really took two evil looking slams and continued to skate. But let me do this chronologically buy starting with the results of the different contests.

Ryan Sheckler held on to the top spot even with difficulties with his elbow showing us all that even though he’s got the “pretty boy” look which is being pushed in just about every teenie bop magazine around the world, he sure can lay down a bunch of good tricks on the street course. P Rod continues his streak with a solid second spot followed by Greg Lutzka.

In the Woman’s Professional Street contest it was Elissa Steamer going strong for first place followed by Marisa dal Santo in second and Amy Caron in third. Too bad the video is this short, I’d be happy with any of these tricks that these ladies are putting down! Word up for them, really good skating there!

On to probably the most nerve-racking part of the entire event, the mega-ramp contest with a few elite skaters who have the guts to actually even launch down a ramp that size and then jump some crazy distances and make some almost unrealistic airs -we’re talking something like 20-foot airs, McTwist, flip tricks. Just insane, there is nothing else to describe these guys. Have a look at the video, Danny Way being the guy to really take home the “I have some real cohones” award for me after his lip contact with a half bodyflip to complete impact….I don’t think I’ve ever had pain after watching that. It makes normal halpipe skateboarding look almost like something for little kids! Bob Bunrquist took the winning spot home though after dropping in switch, doing a 180 ollie over the gap and then – get this – a 380 indy grab TO FAKIE at around 19,20 feet in the air!!!!! To fakie….repeat it a few times and now watch it…I think this is all fake and computer graphics or something *hehe*. Danny Way took second and Jake Brown got third with equally amazing stunts.

Let me carry on with one of my personal favorite events, the vert contest in which Pierre-Luc Gagnon has made sure lately that he is the man to beat and continued to do so at the this contest, taking home the gold medal. Bucky Lasek came in second and Shaun White took third.

The only video I found yet from the bran new event, the superpark (what a name!) which is actually a wooden pool park, is right here. No updates anywhere to be found so I am guessing it hasn’t taken place yet.

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