X Games 17 – Bob Burnquist Takes Gold In Skateboard Big Air

Usually I try to keep most of the updates lower key but I have to admit that I am again and again amazed about this Mega Ramp. The size of everything involved is just unreal.

Bob Burnquist yet again puts his skills and his backyard Mega Ramp practice facility to use at the X Games 17 Big Air competition and comes away with the win with two really insane tricks back to back. Adam Taylor came in second and Edgard Pereira grabbed the bronze position. Watch the runs from the top skateboarders right here. What ever you think about these types of contests, this is where the level of skateboarding has arrived at today, really incredible that nothing seriously bad has happened yet.

Bob Burnquist’s X Games 17 Big Air Run for first place

Adam Taylor’s X Games 17 Big Air Run for second place
Edgard Pereira’s X Games 17 Big Air Run for third place
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