X Games Real Street Videos Ready For Your Votes

X Games news for you which has a lot of good video links so I thought this needs to be posted for you all to have a look at the so-called X Games Real Street contest in which 16 pro skaters have put together a 60 second video clip from the streets – insane isn’t it? *hehe* This is how far it has gone with contests these days but what the hell, as long as they are having fun let’s just watch the videos: for all of the links continue reading…

» Bobby Worrest vs. Matt Bennett
» Aaron Homoki vs. Fred Gall
» Dan Murphy vs. Taylor Bingaman
» Cory Kennedy vs. Manny Santiago
» Collin Provost vs. Joey Pepper
» Chad Tim Tim vs. Silas Baxter-Neal
» Nyjah Huston vs. Nick Merlino
» Chris Haslam vs. Daryl Angel

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