X Games takes vert skating back into the program

Vert back at the X Games

Just last week the somewhat surprising news that ESPN had decided to cut the skateboard vert contests completely out of this year’s X Games schedule caused certainly quite a few skaters to ask themselves what the heck is going on. Sure, we aren’t directly in there with the finance managers at ESPN and supposedly the numbers have been dropping for those watching the vert contests on tv.

The original idea from ESPN was to make the entire event more attractive for viewers through the creation of a new discipline going by the name “SuperPark” which would basically be a skatepark featuring street, bowl and vert all in one. The concept does sound interesting but it was in a sense a shock to see vert being dropped. Maybe others would argue that it is the best thing that could happen as it would get vert skating out of the mainstream public eye and all of the advertising/business circus. At the same time we all shouldn’t forget what all of the compaqnies and sponsors have done for skateboarding, helping to get it accepted as a “sport” which deserves areas in towns where skaters can practice.

Difficult topic here, I know, and there will always be two sides to this discussion. Check out the article about how vert was picked back up again over at ESPN

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