Yardsale - East Coast Video

Yardsale Skateboards- East Coast Video

The Yardsale Skateboards team went on a two week trip travelling through six states on the east coast of the USA. And they definitely did not choose all of the perfect and smooth spots we all see in most skateboard videos. The grimier, the better it seemed and this is really what makes this 9 minute video clip amazingly good.

Formed in South-East London in 2013 by Daniel Kretiem, Yardsale Skateboards takes its inspiration from the tropical, retro vibes of 1980’s Los Angeles, but with a South London edge. GTake some time off and watch the Yardsale – East Coast Video a few times, it’s more than worth it!

There’s more good skateboarding to be watched from the Yardsale team – check out their “Softcore” video clip here!

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