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Z-Flex Skateboards have been around for a LONG time and have been pushing skateboarding as long as I have been on this planet. Well, to be completely correct: I’m 3 years older than Z-Flex Skateboards 🙂 They have brought out a new 2014 range of skateboards with decks and complete boards for everybodies favorite type of skateboarding: vert or pool riding, just cruising or the longboards for the beach boardwalk or downhilling.

All the way back in 1975 the Zephyr skate team from Santa Monica, California (also known as Dogtown) was already showing the world what could be done with a simple board and four wheels. It all started when Jeff Ho, Skip Engblom and Craig Stecyk of Zephyr Surf Shop talked to Kent Sherwood (Jay Adam’s step-father) who owned a fiberglass shop and they all decided to create a Zephyr skateboard.
Skateboarding began to be accepted by more and more people during that time as California was in the middle of record droughts which lead to many empty swimming pools. The Z-Boyz were quick to pick up on the possibilities of skating pools and one of the best examples is Jay Adams, not only a 1st generation Z-Boy, but regarded as one of the best skateboarders ever and still skating strong today.


The Z-Flex team at the very beginning included several of the Z-Boys that had moved over from the Zephyr team including Jay Adams, Tony Alva, David Hackett, and Jim Muir. The team continued to attract top skaters over time including George Wilson, Dennis “Polar Bear” Agnew, Jimmy Plumer, Jimmy Acosta, Butch Sterbins, George Watanabe and Aaron Scott.

Z-Flex Skateboards has been able to stay strong for almost 40 years now which has made them one of the longest running skateboard companies still in existence. Have a look at their new 2014 collection, good stuff in there for everyone!



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