Zered Bassett gets DVS pro signature shoe

Zered Basset gets his first pro skate shoe

Some skaters seem to get a pro signature shoe really early in their “career” as a pro skater and others just don’t seem to have…now how can one describe it – the luck, the connections, the drive – I don’t know to be honest. Zered Bassett has left a quite large footprint in skateboarding so it does Not come as a surprise for me that he has received his first pro shoe ever with DVS. The shoe itself looks very generic so expect nothing spectacular but it’s the wear and tear that make the difference so maybe somebody could let us know how they like the shoes once the come out.

Zered Bassett’s DVS mini site: http://www.dvsskate.com/blasts/zered08/

Zered Bassett's DVS shoe model
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