Zombies Video Production Cut n Paste trailer out now!

Zombie Video Production

Skateboarding has obviously gone to a new level in the past few years and the filming of it has grown and developed at the same rate bringing some incredible footage which easy sets itself apart from the everyday videos anyone can upload or view on platforms like YouTube.
Zombies Video Production out of Trieste, Italy have created one of these beauties called “Cut n Paste” which be available in December 2007. Find out more about these talented filmers and be sure to check out the trailer right here.

ZOMBIES VIDEO was born as a project in 1999 which developed from an idea several people had who all come from the city of Trieste (Italy). Their passion for skateboarding and snowboarding led them to team up with an array of filmers, companies and sponsors to bring out 8 different videos covering several different types of sports. Their newest video production combines high level skateboarding and esthetically taken footage which utilizes strong and simplistic graphics all of which is underlined by some smooth music – simply put, this is a great looking video and I can’t wait to get my hands on it to do a complete review. So have a look below at the trailer and either look back here or find out at the Zombie Video Production site how to get your hands on this beauty! Oh bummer, and as I “ripped” YouTube earlier, guess where you can find the video?? Or take a look at the larger, better quality movie at their website…

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