Zoo York in bed with Jenna Jameson

Zoo York team up with Jenna Jameson

It’s getting hot in here….Zoo York sure understands how to demand attention and one thing almost always works on the predominantly male audience – sex and women. Now if you were to combine those ingredients with a new skateboard deck what would be a pretty obvious possibility? Right, hook up with the queen of the adult entertainment industry Jenn Jameson and bring out a limited deck series with the lady herself depicted with barely anything on. Great eye catcher and a marketing coup.
The advertising agency “davidandgoliath” developed an ad for the deck series which shows a character from the Karma Sutra books getting it on with a skateboard.

Hmmm, pretty weird dude if you ask me but to be honest, I don’t want to be asked about people interested in mating with skateboards! But it sure does get your attention. I’ll try and find out where the board is going to be distributed.

Zoo York and Jenna Jameson
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