Zoo York’s AMs Getting Paid final results!

Zoo York's AMs Getting Paid

The Zoo York’s AM Getting Paid contest took place during the same weekend as the Volcom Amsterdamn AM contest, just sort of somewhere else…in Montreal, Canada that is. 120 top ams battle it out at the 4th installment of Zoo York’s Am Getting Paid (AGP) contest. With $10K in total prize money up for grabs, the scene was set for some major ripping of the street course at Montreal’s South Parc Skatepark.

The results are in and ….

1. Antoine Asselin ($5,000)
2. Ryan Decenzo ($2,000)
3. Chazz Ortiz ($1,000)
4. Andrew Langi
5. Dustin Blauvelt
6. Ron Deily
7. Spencer Hamilton
8. Steven Reeves
9. Magnus Hanson
10. Micky Papa

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